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A lot of business owners have the idea to have their own web store and do not know where to start. While it was all right in the past to have sort of an “online version” of your business card, it is surely no longer enough just to post a few interesting pictures, some product descriptions, the history of your company and a button to receive email – it is time to wake up what a real web store has to look like in the year 2010 and beyond!

Social media and human interaction is the key for being successful on the Internet today. So if you want to build a web store where people can download products or order physical products and pay for them right away, you need to give people a reason to do so – big time. You need to create an actual experience for your potential customers and a reason why they should visit your web storein the first place.

To get people over to your website you need to deliver a reason what they will find there that they do not get anywhere else. Coupons, product samples or sweepstakes are a sure fire way to spark people’s interest. You want people to talk about your company and product on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and forums.

If there is no talk about you, you need to create some. This can’t be just done with some basic marketing – you really need to create something that is worthy to be talked about. The give away of free ball pens might not do it.

To get some real attention for your web store it is always a good idea to tune into recent events that are going on in the world and then associate your company and products along with them. Maybe something that helps the environment or prove people that despite the talk about the economic crisis things are going to get better.

So while a lot of business owner worry about the technical aspects of setting up their own web store they rather should focus of the content side of things. Shopping cart software and website software today is easy to use and to set up to actually have a system running that enables to people to buy from you.

Your main worry for starting your own web store is how to tie your offers into today’s short attention span people have and how to become to be positively talked about. One most important way is that you provide an absolute stunning customer service, as still lots of companies cutting corners to save money and increase profits and hurt themselves in the long run.

One thing is for sure: the more interactive your web store is going to be, the more interesting it will be for potential customers. Nobody wants to stare at a website that looks more or less like a color copy of a business card.

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