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The Battle of The Wrist Watches

It is the battle of brand name wrist watches versus the department store brand-less wrist watches – which do you think will win?

First to consider is the price. Department store wrist watches are very cheap and affordable for the masses; that is to say, the low to middle earning populace. As for the brand name wrist watch, you have to donate a kidney (or both!) to afford one of these pieces. Department store wrist watches wins in this category.

Next on the list comes quality. This is the most obvious difference between wrist watches that have been bought from a respectable dealer, and ones that have been bought from department stores. Watches bought from the latter have been assembled from the cheapest parts imaginable, resulting in very low quality watches that don’t even tell the correct time! Brand name wins!

Style is next in line. Finding the right style that fits our ever-so-often changing lifestyles and wardrobe is very easy when choosing brand name wrist watches. These watches have been designed by the best and most talented watch manufacturers in the world. How can department store brands compete with that? Definitely not with cheap plastic! Obviously, brand name wrist watches wins here.

Warranty’s up next. Manufacturers of brand name watches such as Bulova, Carrera, Fossil, and others, offer a year or so of warranty for the purchased item. If the wrist watch breaks – and these things really can’t be avoided – customers are assured of service.

Next is service for the wrist watch. When the warranty expires, the service for the brand name wrist watch continues on throughout its lifetime. A certified dealer of brand name wrist watches such as Citizen, for example, will accept your watch for any repairs it will need in the future. Polishing of dirty watches can also be done to make it look good as new.

Another important category is image. The kind of watch you wear speaks about you as a person. Sure, you’re all prepped up and ready to go on your job interview with a brand new tailored suit that fits you like a glove and shoes shinier than Bruce Willis’ head, but what would your soon-to-be boss think if he notices that you couldn’t even get a decent watch to complete your attire? You certainly aren’t giving him the right first impression, and when it comes to a job interview, first impressions could be your last.

Talk about materials. This could probably be one of the biggest reasons for buying a brand name watch. Brand name watch manufacturers, who are quite serious in their given career, only use quality materials. Parts like quartz movement, leather bands, and crystal faces may seem like negligible items at a smaller scale, but it has a big impact on the overall quality of the finished wrist watch.

Summing up, it looks like brand name watches win this battle by a long shot! Sure those department store wrist watches can save you a lot of money, but you can’t expect them to last as long as brand name watches with the reputation to back them up. The next time you go wrist watch shopping, skip the department stores and head on to the dealers for superb quality watches that are worth every penny.

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