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Stainless Steel Rings Pros and Cons

Most of us would prefer genuine silver, gold or platinum rings but with the economy these days, who has the money for such rings? If your goal is to look stylish in a practical way, there are cheaper alternatives in the market to select from. However, even with these seemingly practical options, you still need to consider several factors before making the actual purchase because every penny we can save truly counts.

Stainless steel is a durable and inexpensive metal used for commercial jewelry. When silver, gold and platinum do not fit the budget, stainless steel is a good material to consider for jewelry especially rings. There are some people who would choose to just completely sacrifice style than to wear something cheap but if you’re not an “accessory snob”, knowing stainless steel rings pros and cons help you make a fair judgment of these modest pieces of jewelry.

One advantage of choosing a stainless steel ring is that it’s not a death trap. This may be an exaggerated point but it’s a fact. Because of its value, thieves won’t be interested in it so you can wear your ring anywhere you want. And if it manages to fool a thief and gets stolen, you won’t probably get too heartbroken. The disadvantage would be…there are some really ruthless thieves out there and they just might make you swallow your stainless steel ring for being had! Outrageous, but true.

Stainless steel rings often come in the trendiest designs because manufacturing them is very low-cost and keeping with the trend won’t be so difficult. The con of this would be the fact that people easily dispose these rings when they’re no longer in style.

Though stainless steel is a hard metal, it still succumbs to pressure and in case of emergency; it can be cut by regular pliers unlike titanium or tungsten. It’s also hypoallergenic which is perfect for sensitive-skinned people. Sensitive-nosed people on the other hand may complain of the unpleasant smell it creates when it comes in contact with perspiration.

These stainless steel wedding bands pros and cons are basically general but if you know them, you lessen the chances of just being coaxed into a purchase by a convincing salesperson.

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