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Short Hair Cuts For Women

beautyIt’s not as easy as it seems, choosing short hair cuts. For women of all ages, this decision can have big repercussions. A lot depends on how we present ourselves physically, like it or not. In situations ranging from job interviews to attracting a mate, your face and hair matter. Simple as that. First impressions will probably always be high on the list when it comes to how others see us, which is why mobile makeup artists in Sydney care to analyse everything before experimenting a new look on you.

A short hair cut says a lot (rightly or wrongly) about who you are. For women in work settings, certain short cuts can project someone who is serious and goal-oriented in the job. In a social setting, a minor tweak to that same short hairstyle can soften your look and make your appearance more inviting.

How To Choose

All of this begs the question: how does a woman go about choosing the best hairdressers gold coast? While a certain amount of the decision depends on completely subjective things, like your own haircut preferences, you can go about it in a more scientific way, if you will. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the following tips use this aphorism as a foundation for making your style choice.


Perhaps the easiest way to get short hair cut ideas is to see what celebrities who look like you are doing. Now, you don’t have to be a Jessica Alba look-alike to pull this off, so don’t worry. What you’re looking for is famous people who have the same general face shape and facial features that you have.

You’re looking to match hairstyles as closely as you can, and compile a list of names as you go. Take note of the shorter hair cuts that each wears now (or has worn in the past) that you think look particularly good on that celebrity. Once you have this narrowed down to the best of the best, you’ll be all set to make a final decision.

Non-Celebrities Too!

This doesn’t have to involve famous people only. Apply the same short hair cut analysis to your friends, co-workers, and especially family members. At the next family event, check out cousins, Aunts, and male members’ wives and girlfriends for ideas. The advantage of looking at other women in your family is that you’re more likely to find a few who share your basic facial features. If a short cut looks great on one of them, you’re just about assured of similar results!

If you work in a large office setting, that’s a great place to get short hairstyle ideas. Make it a habit to browse in the company lunchroom or the next big meeting.

If you work where you deal with a lot of customers or you’re a student on a big campus, do the same. By keeping your radar turned on all the time, you’ll probably discover that there are actually several short hair cuts for women that would look great on you.

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