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Purple Shoes For Children

Many adults like to wear purple shoes as a way of adding a bit of punch to their wardrobe. A splash of purple can add a bright note to an otherwise dull day.

Young children and older kids are also drawn to purple shoes. Many kids like purple because it feels exciting and interesting. Purple is only rarely found in nature and not seen very often anywhere else.

A pair of purple shoes can be one way for a child to add oomph and excitement to their clothes closet. Stores often accommodate this desire with shoes in different purple shades. Kids and children will often find more choices in purple shoes than their adult counterparts.

The best time to buy purple shoes for kids is usually during the spring or summer. Many stores have purple shoes available to younger children during the Easter holidays often with coordinating outfits. Little girls will find open toed purple shoes in April or May complete with purple dresses and purple coats.

A little boy may find purple sneakers to wear to school or purple dress shoes with a pair of lighter purple socks in a matching design.

When purchasing purple shoes for children and kids don’t be restrained. Small children and older kids can happily get away with brightly colored purple shoes in a dozen different shades. A pair of purple shoes can look fun and playful on the playground at recess. A pair of purple shoes can also look dignified at a bar mitzvah or First Communion.

Pair the purple shoes with matching purple accessories. Place ribbons or headbands in little girl’s hair and purple stocking on her feet. Little girls with red hair look good in light shades of purple. Girls with blond hair can wear darker or lighter shades of purple. Children with black or brown hair look best in lighter shades of purple. Darker shades may blend into their hair.

If possible let your child choose the kind of purple shoes and accessories they want. Smaller children may be drawn to dark shades of purple that fit in nicely with a primary color scheme. Older kids may prefer more subtle shades of purple to match a specific scheme in their rooms or a special dress.

Purple shoes are a good choice for kids who are on the messy side. Darker shades of purple hide dirt well. Lighter shades of purple can be easily washed. Choose kid friendly materials for their purple shoes such as soft kid leather or harder wearing tougher rubber.

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