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Need Wholesale Designer Fashion Clothing and Accessories?

As the tough economic times continue to delve from bad to worse, many people are looking to make a supplemental income, or start a new business altogether. Lately, we’ve been getting a major increase of inquires from people looking for a wholesale supplier or a drop-shipper of designer fashion clothing and accessories. Instead of responding to the same questions 1000 times, I just wanted to use my “blog time” to answer several questions at once.

Let’s begin:

Q: Is RoddyJonesTrading.com a wholesaler, drop shipper, or retailer?

A: We’re all of the above! We are a wholesaler and drop shipper of made to measure suits and clothing. We are a retailer of authentic designer fashion clothing and accessories. The fashion products that we sell are at such a discount price that people either think we are wholesalers or selling fakes, but I can assure you that neither is the case.

Q: Ok, so you’re not wholesalers of designer fashion clothing and accessories. Can you hook me up with your supplier?

A: No! We worked very hard to secure our suppliers, and they are very selective with whom they work with. However, we can procure authentic designer goods for you. We charge only a 7.5% fee on the total order price. Our philosophy is that our time and knowledge is money. You could do months, or even years, of research to find a supplier that you can trust. Instead, why not procure your merchandise today, and let us arrange it for you for a small fee? Remember, when starting a small business, you will either pay for it with your money or pay for it with your time.

Q: How can I trust you guys? How do I know the merchandise is the real thing?

A: Many people try to convince you with guarantees, certificates of authenticity, controllo cards, etc. The truth is, all of these things can be faked. All I can tell you is, YES, all of our products are 100% authentic. Most of our products come with proof of authenticity, but occasionally some items will not. I recommend that if you are apprehensive about dealing with us (or anyone else), place a small test order first. For all orders, make payment with a credit card, Google Checkout, or Paypal. We require a faxed or emailed copy of your driver’s license and credit card for first time orders over $500. We will keep this information on file for subsequent orders. If you are not comfortable making payment via credit card, we accept payment from buyers who are verified by Paypal or Google Checkout.

Q: I want to start my own business selling fashion clothing and accessories. How do I get started?

A: This question is really a post in itself. First of all, this is a hard, highly competitive business. There are literally millions of sellers on the internet. We’ve tried so many different things, but so far our website and Ebay are the two channels that work best for us. (Please note, I hate Ebay/Paypal.

Unfortunately, there still is no alternative for the amount of traffic that Ebay provides and although Paypal’s customer service is extremely poor, I still deal with them ONLY because most of you still deal with them.) I dream of the day when our website reaches a threshold of traffic that I can give Ebay the big middle one! Anyhow…I digress. I recommend joining the Wealthy Affiliate if you are serious about doing business online. The website is not specific to the designer fashion clothing and accessories niche, but it truly give you the groundwork to be successful.

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