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Name That Handbag!

If you think all handbags are created equal, think again. Each handbag is its own person; it cannot be helped that some handbags are more equal than most. As a matter of fact, handbags are so unique it’s a crime to lump them all together and call them by one name alone — handbag.

You see, unlike a rose, a handbag by any other name is no longer a handbag. Here’s what you should be calling it instead.

1. Tote

What is easy to tote around? You got it right, the tote. Also called the “carry bag”, the tote is the perfect bag to bring to outings, the office, or trips to the grocery. It’s much larger than a purse, much smaller than the hobo, and is just roomy enough to hold many of the items women lug around on a daily basis – compact cosmetics, for example, a wallet, a mobile phone, and some keys.

2. Clutch

Small and ladylike, this handbag is called the clutch for a reason. It is meant to be clutched, to be carried by hand because it has no handles. It’s very small, and should only be made to carry the most basic of essentials – a lipstick, for example, or one’s credit card.
The clutch is the best bag to carry around for formal occasions and evening gatherings.

3. Satchel

This bag is perfect for students, women on their way to dance class, and office drones who work in an environment that takes the word “casual” very, very literally. The satchel has two large straps that go over the shoulder and across the body. While it can’t hold very bulky materials, it does hold much more than most bags could.

4. Duffel

The duffel is the bag that most frequently goes out and travels — and with good reason, too! Big and roomy, it comes with large compartments that can easily house several items from the tiny to the gargantuan. Think shoes, clothes, towels, or a toothbrush.

5. Hobo

We know hobos better as homeless people who get by traveling from place to place and begging for money. The hobo does one but not the other. It does not beg for money but it does travel from place to place – on the hands of its owner, anyway. Typically large and mostly shaped like a crescent moon, the hobo is made to be worn over the shoulder. It’s used by working women who don’t find the tote, clutch, and satchel roomy enough but don’t want to give up on style just to accommodate functionality.

So you see, there are as many – if not more – handbags than there are working days. Remember this the next time you go shopping with your wife and she tells you she needs a handbag. What she really means is she wants one of each type of handbag. And guess what? You’re buying them all for her. So you see, this crash lesson in handbag types is just what you need to do as Sun Tzu instructed: know your enemy.

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