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Looking and Feeling Good during Financial Crisis

There are many things to laugh at in life, but it’s no joke to any of us about the down turn of the economy.
If you are unaware of the current financial crisis, please let me crawl under the rock you’ve been under. Not only are we coming into winter (think nice, healthy heating bill– seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the 4th of July) but we are also preparing for the shopping bonanza retailers call the holiday season. Just like you, we are preparing for the holiday parties and to buy gifts to place under the tree. As consumers, we want to save as much money as possible; this may mean instead of buying everyone 2 or 3 gifts we buy one “special” gift and for our kids instead of buying them the entire Barbie family and home we just buy Barbie and the Dream House. I’m all about saving money and cutting back.

During my presearch for Christmas I came across a great site that offers cash-back shopping to over 1,000 stores.. They have some great rebates and coupons for many major department stores. To name a few Gap, Baby Gap, Guess, Lane Bryant, Limited Too, Macy’s and many, many more. All store categories are available. Check it out, it will help you save extra money. Our motto is “Never Pay Full Price” for anything. Every dollar helps during this rough economy. Remember shop smart and save for that rainy day.

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