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LCD TVs are a current luxury that you’ll question how you ever did without

LCD TVs are the commonest and generally used sort of TV today and will make your old TV a thing of the past.

If you have still got an old TV it could be time to change to a newer one. The range of modern LCD TVs on the market will give you innumerable reasons to trade in your battered old TV and make room for a modern set that’ll be slicker, clearer and thinner, not to mention the envy of all of your mates.

LCD TVs offer countless benefits over older CRT sets. For one thing the screen pictures wont fade in brightly lit conditions so you wont be forever reaching for the dimmer switch. For another, you can use your reading lamp in peace without it creating a glare on the screen.

Whats more, LCD and Plasma sets come in such a selection of sizes, with such a lot of features and benefits over larger, older style free-standing TV sets that youll quickly realize why your old set was becoming out of date, even without the digital switchover due in 2012.

For one thing, LCD TVs can be viewed from virtually any angle in a room as they allow a massive 160-degree viewing angle. This means that you can watch from an 80-degree angle in either direction when looking at the center of your TV, matched against having to watch it pretty much straight on or at a much smaller angle formerly.

You can also select a fixed to a wall screen, which can generally make cleaning round the TV a thing of the past and will give you more space for other past-times or maybe even a new occasional table. If you are not assured to fit it yourself, most electrical shops will be able to provide details of someone that can, or they may even offer the service themselves.

LCD TVs also offer a smooth, colorful wide screen image without the motion blur that is occasionally made by fast action scenes. The displays are also multi-functional and long lived, taking at least seven years to wear down if observed continuously and, with the best will in the world, thats not likely!

If you are keen to get a hold of an LCD TV just pop into your local electrical provider. You could even pick up a deal in the sale as some of the earlier models are currently being sold off to make room for rather more sophisticated models. At any rate, you will be able to pick up one of the smaller models for just over Two hundred.

Its also worth brooding about buying more than one LCD TV. One of the smaller models will be good for a kitchen or bedroom and its worth getting a deal before VAT rates go up next year. Many retailers are also offering further reductions at present and may offer a percentage off a multiple purchase if asked.

LCD TVs are very popular and once you have acquired one youll wonder how you managed without it.

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