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Knives, Set, and Pocket

The knife is one of the oldest tools in the world. Throughout history different civilizations have used blades as weapons and when preparing and cooking various types of meats. But it is only recently that they have become a staple in the kitchen and on the dinner table throughout the western world.

knivesModern day innovations have made knives sharper–both as cutting devices and aesthetic presentations–than ever before. These technological advancements in the last hundred years, have also added different types of knives to the retail knife world. Knives with a variety of blades, each meant for a different purpose are now available on most best japanese knives. In fact, there are different shaped blades that specialize in different types of cuts.

Some of the basic knife shapes that can be found in today’s kitchens are: serrated bread knives, straight butcher knives, cleavers and delicate blades that can cut fruit. These blades are so useful in cooking that a high-quality kitchen knife can set a master chef apart from the culinary amateur.

A knife set will often come in a block made of plastic or hardwood that protects the integrity of the blades and promotes the aesthetic of a culinary kitchen. A block also promotes knife-safety because the blades are concealed–storing open blades in a drawer can prove dangerous if someone is shuffling through it to find another cooking utensil. However, there are also other ways for storing knives; such as, specialized knife-trays that can be placed inside drawers for keeping blades concealed.

Pocket knives and specifically Swiss Army knives are some of the most popular consumer knives. This is usually as a result of multi-functionality. These knives have the ability to perform other tasks, apart from just cutting. Pocket knives rarely ever lock and are perfectly-suited for small tasks like wood splintering and outdoor food preparation.

Small pocket blades have become popular key chain additions as well. These little devices usually include a blade, a nail file/flathead screwdriver, scissors, a toothpick and tweezers. Modern knives have enjoyed numerous modern innovations as well: MP3 players, digital clocks, and even USB drives have been added to some models of pocket knives.

Another knife that can be carried in a pocket or pack is a hunting knife. Folding hunting knives are usually fixed blades, with the exception of Buck Knives. Buck Knives the name of the company that produced the first foldable, locking blade–but the name has come to describe all blades of that style. Despite many imitators, Buck has remained the highest seller since they introduced the knife back in 1964.

From kitchen knives and carving knives to pocket tools and Buck Knives is your resource for information and up to date facts. Please continue to check back for new facts and trends about knives.

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