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Italian Shoes and Designer Shoes: A Course in Synonyms

Everyone knows that Italian shoes are among the best in the world. Just as the French are famous for their cuisine, the Swiss are famous for clocks and watches, the Germans are renowned for scissors and cutlery and the Japanese for electronics, so too are Italian shoemakers prominent in their field. I bet if anyone asked you to name three famous names in high end designer shoes you could rattle off Prada, Gucci and Sergio Rossi in a heartbeat. Where would the world of fashion be without Italian designer shoes? Because Italian shoe designers are so well known for their trend setting designs and high quality craftsmanship they are constantly in demand.

Thank goodness for the combination of Bill Gates the American software genius coupled with Japanese computer electronics. We now have an information superhighway that enables us to shop for Italian shoes from the comfort of our living room! Italian shoes online are hot selling items and so many Italian shoe brands are available that having the technology to search for them quickly is a godsend. You can just imagine how long it would take you to go to enough stores to find even a few of the famous names let alone finding one that carries Italian boots and another that stocks Italian sandals. What if you were shopping for both at the same time? It would be almost an impossibility. Then consider men. There is no politically correct way to say this without coming across as sexist. But to put it bluntly, men are atrocious shoppers. Maybe it’s because most men HATE to shop, I don’t know, but I do know that when it comes to mens Italian shoes the internet has it all over Macy’s. If you don’t believe, the next time you are at the mall take a look around you and do a head count. I bet the women outnumber the men at least 2 or 3 to 1.

Another great thing about Italian shoes online is that you can actually stay ahead of current trends. Many online sites make a forecast as to what fashions and which designers will be hot for the upcoming season. Styles by Italian shoe designers are no different. And something I particularly like about knowing in advance what will be trendy is that I can plan my budget accordingly. Designer shoes are not cheap and in order to stay on top of things I need to put some money aside for just that reason.

You have probably noticed that I keep referring to designer shoes as Italian shoes. For me they are synonymous. I am sure there are other wonderful designers out there from other countries who also have great designs.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to look. I am too busy shopping Italian shoes and it may be that way for a while. (But I am eating a French baguette as I am writing this on a Japanese made computer with American software so I guess you can’t call me a bigot just because I happen to be of Italian descent!)

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