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Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry has been popular in the world all over for its unique designs, use of vibrant colors and intricate designs. If we trace back Indian history, the Indian kings had huge collection of unique jewelry. Though in the present days, we may not be able to afford the real stones, diamonds, pearls, and gems used by the royal family, we can certainly use the designs of the yester years in our jewelry, to suit the budget of one and all.
Some artistic designs used in Indian Jewelry:|

Enameling: Indian jewelry has always been known for its vibrant colors. Enameling, means coloring the metal using minerals. Generally, red, blue and green colors are used in enamels. This is known as ‘Meenakari’ in Indian terms. This jewelry is very much in vogue these days. Pendants and earrings are colored in these bright colors, while the chain could be made in colored pearls. This jewelry looks best with evening dress or maxi. Sometimes, stones are studded in the pendants and earrings.

Thewa Work: Similar to Meenakari designs, thewa work too is handcrafted. The art originated in Indian state of Rajasthan, which is known for its stones and intricate handicrafts. Here, colored glass is used for making the jewelry, and then delicate design work is done on the glass. These would be available in bright colors such as green, turquoise and red. Wear it with your formal dress, and you are sure to grab attention of men and women alike.

Traditional jewelry: Traditional jewelry of India used to be made in gold, studded with diamonds and pearls. With gold prices skyrocketing and downturn in economy, gold is practically out of reach. The best option would be to turn to gold like jewelry with traditional touch. The traditional jewelry set would comprise of pendant and earrings with colored stones in red, green and white. These pendants and earrings come in different sizes and shapes, such as round, triangle, square etc. But, pendants and earrings in peacock shape look most beautiful of all. These jewelries are perfect for any formal event.

The beauty of Indian jewelry lies in its intricate handwork. Days are spent to create just one piece of beautiful jewelry. No wonder, when the final piece is made, it looks stunning, even when it does not contain any pricey metals, gems or precious stones.

Indian jewelry is liked and worn by most celebrities.

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