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How To Pick The Right Perfume

In an average elevator ride, you can either find yourself tortured to death by suffocation, or blissfully dreaming of fresh ocean breeze and summer meadows. Scents make you experience all these things – and more.

As Coco Chanel puts it, “women who do not wear perfume have no future.” This is a bit of an exaggeration, but she does have a point. The value of perfumes should never be ignored. Our wonderful sense of smell can easily identify people even before we can see them, and even if she might be a drop dead gorgeous chick, or a very intelligent person, if they smell bad, well, they are destined for a life spent in solitude.

Another equally ignored fact is that scent, just like taste, lives longer than our visual memories. Do you still remember your grandmother’s perfume? What about the person you sat with on the train or the bus? You know, the hot guy or chick who smelled heavenly, or that dude who smelled like sweat? Their faces may seem hazy in your mind, and you may not even remember what they looked like at all, but you certainly do remember how they smelled like.

How do you pick the right scent, then? There are a couple of factors that you have to consider when buying the right perfume, be it a simple cologne, or a signature fragrance from Burberry or Christian Dior.

First off, you have to learn that perfumes have three notes. The top note is the scent that you encounter, the middle note develops in about ten minutes, and the final note is the base of the scent that usually develops after an hour. The last note is the perfume’s true scent, and this is one that will be stuck on you for the rest of the day. It is then important to sample the scent before buying it.

Second, no two people have the same body chemistry, so a certain scent, like Allure by Chanel, could smell good on one person and not smell good on another. This unique body chemistry is determined by age, diet, stress, pregnancy, and illness. If you have a certain illness now or expecting a baby, it would be wise to avoid buying perfume at this time since your hormonal levels are quite unstable. What may smell good on you now would not smell just as good when you have recovered or delivered your baby.

Another factor to consider is climate. The season changes often, and the scents that you use should change with it to complement the season. For winter, you expect to wear heavy wool scarves and cashmere, so you should do the same with your perfume – it should also be heavier. In the summer, you can wear light scents to go with your light clothing.

Developing your skills in picking out the right perfume would take years to accomplish, but you shouldn’t lose hope. There will be a couple of hits and misses, but eventually you will find the perfect scent for you.

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