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Celebrities Set Must-Have Looks for Womens Gladiator Shoes

Of the many footwear that ever entered the limelight, gladiator shoes took the fashion world by storm. With its Roman-inspired unique design that has numerous, overwhelming number of styles and looks, gladiators first presented itself in an ‘either you’ll love it or hate it’ visage which only the bold and courageous could dare to wear.

True, the trend isn’t really universally flattering – – – at least when it first came out. But now, manufacturers and designers pushed their creativity a little further and came up with diverse designs that could flatter a wider range of the population and today, gladiators are seen as one of the most versatile footwear a woman can ever own. Believe it, these things full of cage-like straps that goes around the legs may be a little intimidating, kinda makes one take a step aback and think twice how to pull off the trend, but they’re actually an all-around footwear you can with just about anything and just about anytime. No matter what kind of look you carry, or no matter what kind of style you want to bring together, there is a pair of gladiators that can make that look a lot better than just appropriate, but very swell in fact. True, many women are reluctant to buy gladiators coz they are not sure how to wear them or what to wear them with. Gladly, among the most fashionable people in Hollywood is so happy to show us how to don the gladiator shoes from the most casual to the dressiest affairs.

Before we look around, where do we get our first hand fashion inspiration, but from the fashion models themselves. Who wouldn’t hear of Heidi Klum: the famous German supermodel and wife of British Grammy-winning singer Seal. Known as “The Body”, and indeed she is, what would you say when Klum, one of the highest paid models in the world, has her flair for gladiators as well. Pairing her pair of black flat ankle-high gladiators with a black and white maxi-dress, a look very much apart from many of her Victoria Secret runway shows, this woman truly knows how to bring it on. The look she created is very relaxed and feminine, perfect for summer or afternoon walks or mall shopping, yet by no debate, is truly trendy and well-put together.

This is a great look. But flat gladiators doesn’t limit you to maxi dresses just because that’s what Klum wore. If you got killer legs, team it up with summer shorts, above the-knee dresses and a mini-skirt, if that is your thing. Gladiators come in so many colors. Sure it’s good to have one of every color to create the most looks, but if you can afford to keep one or few, better go for the most versatile hues that you could easily team up with more of the dresses, shorts and skirts you own.

Here’s exactly what I mean. Rachel Bilson teamed up her flat ankle gladiators with a simple solid grey dress shirt. Simple alright, but the whole look is amazing. Bilson is known for her flair for casual street style, the very same one in this photo of her in one of NYC’s streets. But she sure does know how to accessorize simple looks and still look wonderful.

These are two different looks you can create from heeled ankle gladiator shoes. But there’s more, and I’ll tell you a little after we study how these celebs wow the people with their smart fashion decisions and characters that makes the footwear even more appreciated. With a rhinestone-studded gladiator heels, actress Jennifer Connelly (from the left) looked really edgy in her green sequined Balmian dress. Indeed a sleek look to take to the red carpet.

Sophisticated British supermodel Naomi Campbell (right photo) once again proved her exceptional talent of carrying just about any look. Her sultry style conquered the fashion world. Keeping it simple with a pair of black heeled gladiators and a sleeveless scalloped mini-dress in a semi-bubble design, Campbell could be a baby or a lady in this look, whichever point of view you may wanna look at it. But whatever with this woman that makes anything she wear just so perfect? Undeniably, she did so much justice to the footwear.

But the gladiator heels aren’t for mini-dresses alone. Just as versatile as the flats, wear them with just about anything, even a pair of shorts if you dare. Just the same with gladiator wedges, there’s just so many looks that goes with it. On the left, Gwyneth Paltrow chose to pair her black strapless knee-length pleated dress with her gold rhinestone-studded platform wedge gladiators. Who would argue with black and gold paired together? It’s a classic.

On the right, Lindsay Lohan’s dress choice is kinda drab, others may even insist it’s sloppy. Without the black wedge gladiator shoes, the whole look could easily be tossed out of the window. Amazing how the footwear made everything just right for poor Lilo here.

Gladiator shoes, like mentioned earlier, could have so many looks. Ankle-high glads could be flat, heeled or wedged, even in platform wedge just like what Paltrow wore. They say that with the characteristics of the footwear, a little care should be kept in mind when selecting which is right for you. Consider your anatomy as well. If you lack the few inches, stay away from heavy, chunky-styled gladiators. Meaning: nothing like what Paltrow has on and more of what Campbell wore. Mid-calf gladiators, they say, is only best for slender legs, though petites can pull off the look if they’re good at it.

In Ashley Tisdale’s photo taken in L.A., wearing her dark grey dress tee, she decided to finish her look with a pair of black mid-calf caged gladiators and her designer Prada bag. Many women praise Ashley for her good taste in fashion. From her dress to clothes, and now shoes, everyone surely nods their head on how she wears her dresses right.

But as even mid-calf gladiators can some in heels and wedges too, which is a bit more challenging to pull off, Gossip Girl Leighton Meester here shows it shouldn’t be that much of a trouble at all. With ease and little effort, she carried on a no-frill but ammmaaazing look pairing a solid blue sweat-top, white shorts and black mid-calf wedge glads.

Knee-high gladiators could be flat or heeled, too. The tall look makes the legs look longer as well as long as one knows how to choose the kind of straps that best flatters the proportions of one’s legs. They say the slimmer the legs, the thinner the straps should be. Thicker legs look better with wider straps.

Mary Kate Olsen (left photo) here wears a black Chanel knee-high caged gladiators with her black three-fourth sleeved mini-dress. We know how popular the LBD is and truly, they are sexy even when paired with regular pumps or strappy heels. But the knee-high glads did quite a remarkable job prepping up the look way much better than with any other footwear. Fashion Icon Rihanna (on the right) is truly a stunner with two-piece collared black dress and super-strappy black and white knee-high gladiators by Belanciaga. With her fearless rave for fashion and bold looks she can pull off with ease, Rihanna sure deserve being named by Vogue as among the best-dressed in its January 2010 issue. Looks like the popular singer didn’t just dominate the music billboard charts but, clearly, also the fashion scene.

Officially, the shoe trend had long taken over Hollywood, and it seems the celebrities aren’t moving yet to another style. Mischa Barton, Hilary Duff, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba and a whole lot of other celebrities did play a huge part in making the gladiator shoes a hot item season after season. And just as how celebrities seem to have an undiminished appetite for the trend, women around the world are catching up quickly with the celebrity looks and easy-to-pull-off styles to go with the unique footwear.

Nowadays, from the busy city streets to the red carpets, gladiators are in sight. There’s no doubt the ‘glads’ are now the shoe for any season and for any woman who loves to look fashionable. Our celebs just saved your day, giving you a big hand on how to pull off the footwear, by now you shouldn’t be unsure anymore how to match your outfits with it. Just look among their styles and figure out which suits you best, incorporate it with your own look, and you’re good to go. Just a pair of versatile gladiator shoes is sure to add a true touch of flair to any wardrobe.

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