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Books as Gifts for the Young one in your life

For all the parents out there, if you’re like me and my husband you’re tired of tripping over toys that we made a mad dash to the store to get our little ones. Now that my oldest is in preschool and is beginning to learn to read she really enjoys books. She came home today telling me about baby Jesus and that we’re going to celebrate his birthday on Christmas. I was so excited to hear this from her. She’s also told me other bible stories and so I’m going to purchase a bible for preschoolers. I really like what I see in this one:
One story a day, like a devotional for preschoolers. She will love it.

Great book/CD for you not the kids to learn the songs they come home singing and they want you to sing over and over again with them asking mommy, sing with me. Daddy, sing with me. While the entire time you mumble the words and then your child stops mid chord and say you don’t know the words so just forget it, and walks off mad.
For your older reader they may like reading about the Jonas Brothers. We haven’t made it ti this level yet, my daughter just tells me she doesn’t listen to them. Check out their book if your child is interested in their music. My theory is as long as your child is reading something they are gaining knowledge.

Here’s some coupons I found that will save you some money.
Remember my rule, never pay full price for anything again.

The gift of reading is the best gift to give to a child. Having my own children and reading to them we are able to spend quality time and they learn so much and when I need a quiet activity this is my favorite source. Also, no stubbing your toe and throwing away that toy you ran around town looking for the entire month. Happy reading!

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