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Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is emerging as a forerunner in fashion jewelry. Boho Jewelry in tribal, ethnic designs are making a wave, everywhere, right from beachwear to TV shows. These type of Hippie jewelry are made from a variety of materials such as wood, beads, stone and even fabric.

Let us have a look at some of the trendiest patterns in Bohemian jewelry.
This jewelry is worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. However, you do not have to be a celebrity to wear Bohemian jewelry. Moreover, though it originates from the hippy culture, you do not have to pose that look to wear this boho jewelry. You are simply changing the way you accessories your outfits. This jewelry is available at a reasonable price.

Having said that, let us see some of the hippie jewelry trends:

Beads: Beads are the most common material in Boho jewelry. These are available in beautiful colors, such as red, turquoise, orange, black, etc. The bohemian jewelry is made in different sizes of beads. The beads could be the size of a grain, or it could be as big as a marble. Generally, you will find several colored big beads in one necklace. The necklace may contain 3 to 4 different colored strings of beads in one necklace. Thus, you can match your jewelry with any colored outfit.

Stones: Beautiful, uneven stones are used in making Bohemian jewelry. Normally, the stones are available in neutral colors. These are chained together either in silver wire or a brass wire to form a necklace and earrings. You can wear these hippie necklaces on any outfits. However, these look best with jeans, skirts and evening dresses.

Colored Stones: Beautiful colored stones in turquoise, green will simply grab your attention.

Coins, Chunky Metals: Generally, these materials are used in making colorful pendants and earrings. Big pendant is inserted in the beaded necklace, to give it a unique appeal.

Wood: Small pieces of recycled wood are colored in vegetable dyes to create beautiful necklaces. Wear a beaded necklace with a big metal pendant with a long skirt and you will never go unnoticed. The beauty of hippie jewelry lies in its unique designs, vibrant colors, affordable price, and wide range. So, next time when you have to go for a party, going to a beach or just going for shopping, you need not wear costly diamonds and pearls. Bohemian jewelry is all about being creative without splurging a lot of money.

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