Beer Plus Foam Koozies Equal Profit

Our local clubhouse was looking to raise funds to send many of the members to an important convention that would benefit all. Upon doing a bit of research we made a decision upon having an outdoor festival. We now needed to think of some good inexpensive methods to raise money. Upon much researching we found that if we were able to buy low minimum koozies and add them onto the cost of our beverages and thus produce a good profit.

Why did this make a great choice? Everybody knows that outdoors in hot weather, people are going to require and desire beverages. Our group got a few different booths, each supplying a different type of beverage with various forms of foam koozies.

The foam koozies were ordered in numerous colors, but with no logo or design. Obviously you can have these things added should you choose; nonetheless, we were trying to make the biggest profit margin we could. We were not employing the items as a method of advertising.

Our group ran one stand that was just for soft drinks, we selected to use just canned beverages, and every can was 12 ounces. We did not give customers the option of buying the soda with out their foam koozies on them.

We also ran a beer concession booth. We implemented the same procedure as we did with the soda beverages, except we chose to make use of certain colored foam koozies for each brand of beer. People loved this concept, as they had their own cheap beer huggers for use later if wanted.

The final item we opted to increase our revenue was bottles of water. Many individuals don’t want beer, or soda, but water is something almost everyone will buy. We were also able to purchase low minimum koozies designed for bottles.

Our group finished up making nearly a $2000 profit from the sale from the refreshment stands. We were told later on by several patrons, that they loved the idea and did not mind having to pay a little extra for their drink after they saw that we were including foam koozies with each refreshment.

If you are planning some type of fund raiser or charity event and are seeking a good way to make a nice amount of profit for your club, charity or health fund, you ought to definitely think about doing what we did. Be sure to research and order low minimum koozies from reputable places. You may make even more if you get blank foam koozies and purchase online.

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